Superior Court Spending Efficiency Model 

Executive Summary of CACS Trial Court Spending Model

Analysis of Assembly Expenditure and Payroll Data

Executive Summary of CACS Analysis of Expenditure and Payroll Data

California’s Local Pension Systems over $130 Billion in Deb

MORE PENSION MATH: Funded Status, Benefits, and Spending Trends for California’s Largest Independent Public Employee Pension System

2010 Campaign Finance Review

Priorities Re-examined: A Study of University of California Finances 2004-1

How Stockton Went Bust: A California City's Decade of Policies and the Financial Crisis that Followed

California's High Speed Rail Realities

California’s Neglected Promise: How California has Failed to Prepare for its Accumulating Retiree Health Care Obligation

Our Cities Need Preventive Care Too: How Pre-Funding and Policy Changes Can Help California’s 20 Largest Cities Manage Growing Retiree Benefit Cost

2012 Initiatives: An Introductio

Independent Expenditures: The New Money in California Politic

California’s Initiative System: The Voice of the People Co-Opted

Revenues Miss the Mark: How Inaccurate Projections Skew California's Budget Process

Case Study: California's Budget Transformation, 2007-08 to 2013-14

Case Study: Los Angeles’s Pension Slide, 2003-2013

Fact Sheet: Los Angeles City Pensions

Demystifying Education Finance in California

Unaddressed Challenges in the 2013-14 California Revised Budget

Toward Educational Equity in the Golden State: Analyzing Governor Brown's K-12 Funding Proposal

Dueling Proposals: Comparing California's K-12 Funding Reform Proposals

Case Study: California's Budget Pressures, 2007-08 vs 2013-14

Fact Sheet: California's Budget Pressures, 2007-08 vs 2013-14

Diagnosing Medi-Cal: A Deeper Look into California’s Medicaid Program

Labor Cost Concerns: Examining a Decade of BART Personnel Costs

Re-Calibrating CalSTRS: Evaluating the California State Teachers’ Retirement System’s Funding Shortfall

Who Pays for Health Care?

What's Up With California's Minimum Wage?

How are Rising Health Costs Impacting Family Budgets?

First Month of ACA Health Exchanges

The Impact of the 2013 Food Stamp Benefits Cut in California

Surveying California’s Unfunded Retiree Healthcare Obligations

California’s 2014-15 Budget: Five Things Every Californian Should Kno

Paving a Way Out: Options for Managing California’s Rising Retirement Healthcare Cost

Fact Sheet: Managing California's Rising Retirement Healthcare Costs

Prepared Testimonies: California Senate Public Employment and Retirement Committee

Unsustainable California: The Top 10 Issues Facing the Golden Stat

California as 100 People

California Welfare Overpayments: Fraud, Internal Errors, and Limited Investigation

Medicaid Misallocation: How the Federal Government Miscalculates State Funding Needs