Mobile vending is one of the fastest growing segments of the retail food industry, collecting an anticipated $2.7 billion in revenue in 2017. Despite the industry's success, unfavorable regulatory conditions in certain cities are stalling the growth of food truck vendors. Argive collaborated with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation to capture the attitudes and comments of food truck owners across the country. 

We surveyed over 275 food truck owners and identified three categories of regulation that are especially frustrating to the industry:  

  • Licenses & permits
  • Zoning
  • Other restrictions

Key tools & services: 

  • Designed survey tailored to food truck business owners
  • Conducted email campaigns to engage survey respondents
  • Engaged industry trade associations to share the survey with members

The full U.S. Chamber report on our results is forthcoming. In the meantime, you can read what food truck owners had to say below and explore their stories on Argive’s regulatory impact map


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