Executive Orders 11821 and 11949

Original Text - 11821
Original Text - 11949

Effective Dates
11821: 11/27/1974 - 12/31/1977
11949: 12/31/1976 - 12/31/1977

Reform Goals
Assess the inflationary impact of proposals, rules and regulations.

Requirements (What of Whom?)
Executive Order 11821, titled "Inflation Impact Statements”, required executive branch agencies to evaluate the inflationary impacts of any new regulation. EO 11949 changed the title of 11821 to “Economic Impact Analysis”

Oversight for rule compliance
The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) was empowered to define which rules would require evaluation.

Reform “Teeth”
The rule did not require the agencies to change their decisions based on the inflationary impacts, merely to certify that they had evaluated the potential impact.

No material impact on the growth in federal regulations; the rule expired in 1977.

EO 11281 was in place too briefly, and was little more than an information-gathering exercise.