We support effective, data-driven regulation

Argive provides government agencies with technical resources to foster a culture of transparent and efficient rule making.

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Data-Driven Methods

Argive's data-driven methodology helps you: 

  • Quantify regulatory impact across departments and industries 
  • Establish internal goals for reducing regulatory impact 
  • Clearly communicate regulatory impact goals to citizens and public officials

Streamlined Operations & Infrastructure

Encourage a culture shift from rule makers to rule managers. 
Argive’s data management solution lets you: 

  • Track and measure regulatory impacts across departments and industries in real-time
  • Compare public comment and engagement metrics across departments 
  • Incentivize collection of public feedback and cost-benefit data
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Visible Progress & Results

Build public trust and encourage open dialogue between citizens and public officials.
Use Argive to: 

  • Proactively engage citizens on existing and proposed rulemaking activity 
  • Highlight regulations open for public comment 
  • Illustrate progress toward regulatory impact targets

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