Engage with Argive

Argive offers a free platform for collecting and structuring grassroots feedback on regulations. Our campaigns are designed to capture specific, actionable data on the impact of regulations to business owners.

For third parties interested in working with Argive to design a regulatory feedback campaign, please contact maleka@argive.org to schedule a consultation.

In order for Argive to best accommodate your request, please consider the following items:

Regulation of Interest
What regulatory issue do you want to collect feedback on?

  • Code (ex: Code of Federal Regulations Title & Part, state code, municipal code)
  • Link to regulatory text.
  • Rule summary: In plain language, what does this rule do? 
  • Case study: If possible, please include an example of the rule's impact to businesses or consumers.

Impact Tags
What kind of impacts do you want to capture in feedback?

Argive tags rules in our regulatory feedback database according to how they impact small businesses. We recommend selecting tags that capture the costs, benefits, and other specific consequences of regulation. Examples of rule impacts may include:

  • This rule caused me to raise the price of my product.
  • This rule protects the environment or natural resources.
  • This rule caused me to lay off employees.

A full list of Argive-approved tags is available upon request.

Identify the audience you want to engage for feedback.

If you have an existing list of businesses and email addresses, Argive will work with you to design an outreach campaign and supply links to feedback forms. If you do not have a contact list, Argive can identify business contact information using standard lead generation techniques.

For more information regarding how we use feedback and contact information, please see our Privacy Policy