Business owners know best

Regulations play a huge part in how you run your business. You deserve a better way to share how rules impact you.

If you have a bad meal at a restaurant, you write a review to warn future diners. If an app on your phone keeps crashing, you leave a note for the developers. If your cab driver keeps running red lights, you probably won’t give him 5 stars.

But what do you do if you have an unpleasant experience with government regulation? Technology has completely changed how we provide feedback for almost everything … except for regulations enforced by government agencies. At the moment, the U.S. government doesn’t offer an easy, convenient way for citizens to rate the rules that govern them.

Your first available option is to leave a public comment at, the federal government’s archive of all agency rules, proposals, and notices. While these posts often gather thousands of comments, some of them are less than credible.

Despite the high number of comments, there’s no easy way to filter them based on relevance or reliability, which makes accessing useful information messy and difficult. It’s hard to imagine a government employee having the time to read and respond to that many comments, so it’s no surprise agencies aren’t required to make any substantive changes to rules based on public feedback.

It’s not clear what actually happens to your comment after it’s been submitted. While your comment is published on the website, it’s unlikely that agencies will respond to your comment directly. By taking the time to submit feedback on a rule, you deserve to have your comment acknowledged, but with, it’s very easy for your voice to get lost in the void.

Your second-best option is to contact an agency directly, but this can be a slow and equally unrewarding endeavor. Agencies are often understaffed and lack the resources to respond to individual concerns. For someone trying to give quick feedback on a rule, getting in touch with an agency employee through phone or email is time-consuming and unproductive. As a business owner, you have more important things to do than navigate outdated agency websites and spend hours on hold.

Plus, it can be intimidating to voice your concerns in the first place, since agencies enforce the very rules you want to review. Businesses that dealt with agency enforcement in the past often hesitate to speak up for fear of drawing unwanted attention to their company.

Current feedback tools for government rules are outdated and unreliable. Business owners need a way to give immediate and useful feedback on a rule that won’t be dismissed or ignored.

With Argive’s Review a Rule form, you can quickly rate the rules that affect you and your business the most. Your comment enters a publicly available database of regulations that builds community consensus on rules that work and rules that don’t. You can share your feedback and explore what other businesses are saying about rules, too. Argive makes rating regulations transparent and accessible for everyone.

You deserve a say in how regulations rule your life. With Argive, your voice is heard. What are you waiting for?

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