Keep FDA Deeming Rule As Is

Position Summary: FDA regulation of expanded tobacco products will improve product standardization and ingredient labeling transparency. E-cigarettes encourage the use of other tobacco products and should be regulated to help reduce tobacco use among youth. More research is needed to understand the long-term use of e-cigarettes and whether they can play a role in smoking cessation.

  1. American Lung Association. "A 2014 study showed wide ranging nicotine levels in e-cigarettes and substantial variability between listed and actual nicotine levels in these products. In 2009, the FDA conducted lab tests and found detectable levels of toxic cancer-causing chemicals, including an ingredient used in antifreeze, in two leading brands of e-cigarettes and 18 various cartridges. A 2014 study found that e-cigarettes with a higher voltage level have higher amounts of formaldehyde, a carcinogen. It is urgent for FDA to begin its regulatory oversight of e-cigarettes, which would require ingredient disclosure to FDA, warning labels and youth access restrictions. It is urgent for FDA to begin regulatory oversight of e-cigarettes, which would require ingredient disclosure to FDA, warning labels and youth access restrictions." Read More
  2. The National Physicians Alliance “The NPA supports the FDA proposal to extend its regulatory authority to other tobacco products, especially electronic cigarettes(e-cigs). E-cigs have rapidly expanded into a $1-2 billion annual industry with the potential to grow far larger. Of significant concern is the impact the increasing size of the industry may have on children and adolescents.”  Read More
  3. Jennifer Woo, Individual Consumer. "The Proposed Deeming Rule must define Electronic Smoking Devices (ESDs), including e-cigarettes, as tobacco products and regulate them the same as cigarettes and other tobacco products. ESDs and e-cigarettes contain nicotine in the e-juice that is “vaped” by the user. Nicotine comes from tobacco and must be treated the same as other tobacco products under the law. Currently companies selling e cigarettes use loopholes in the definitions to avoid regulations and receive tax exemptions under the law.... The Proposed Deeming Rule must include all cigars, regardless of definition, size, weight, and use patterns. Cigar use is increasing among youth and adults in Hawaii. As discussed in the Proposed Deeming Rule, young adults and youth often think tobacco products other than cigarettes are safer than cigarettes, and sometimes use them without knowing they are classified as cigars." Details
  4. Yarnell Beatty, Vice President of Advocacy, Tennessee Medical Association (TMA). "The TMA strongly urges the FDA to leave all tobacco products including cigars and e-cigarettes in the final regulations." Details