How does the FDA Deeming Rule impact your business? 

The FDA issues rules based on best-guess estimates of the costs and benefits to private businesses and rarely re-examines rules after they go into effect. However, recent Presidential Executive Orders require agencies to complete updated cost analyses on existing high impact* rules in order to pass new rules. Help the FDA understand the true costs of the Deeming Rule by sharing how it impacts your business. Your name, email, and company name will be kept private to protect your identity. All other information may be shared to inform policy decisions. Please review our Privacy Policy for more details.

See more details on the FDA Deeming Rule. Scroll down to view FDA estimates on the Deeming Rule costs to businesses.

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For example, "I sell 20 e-vaping products, each application will take 1,500 hours to complete, hiring personnel to complete the application is $35/hour. Therefore, my total cost per year is 1,500*35*20 for a total of $1.05 million dollars in compliance costs per year." OR "This rule is complex; I don't know what the total compliance costs will be."
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FDA Deeming Rule Cost Estimates

Average Cost per product per ENDS Delivery Systems Application: $117,486- $131,643

Average Cost per product per E-liquids Application: $192,654 - $466,563 

See the full FDA cost-benefit study: Link

*High impact rules are economically significant rules with an expected impact of > $100 million on the U.S. economy.