Repeal FDA Deeming Rule

Position Summary: 48 states already have rules banning the sale of tobacco products to minors. High product application costs will hit small businesses especially hard and raise barriers to entry.  The PMTA application fee will increase the price of e-vaping products, driving consumers to purchase cheaper black-market products. The premium cigar industry, which sells smaller batch products and sells to savvy/sophisticated consumers, is not necessary to include. These regulations would be better written for vaping/e-cigarettes as a separate category, not a tobacco product.

  1. Jourele Macalino, Individual Consumer. "I am not against the regulation of the ecig industry, but please, it should be fair and the regulations should be within context and rational. I don't believe ecigs should be regulated as a tobacco product; they should be regulated under its own category."
  2. Larry W. Faircloth, West Virginia House of Delegates. “We strongly believe this is an inappropriate framework for regulating low-risk, smoke-free vapor products that contain no tobacco. We strongly believe that FDA should allow e-cigarette manufacturers and retailers to tell the truth about their products in that they can be an effective way to end a deadly cigarette habit. We strongly believe the FDA should develop a separate regulatory framework that is tailored to the vapor product industry and helps facilitate consumer access to the diversity of products that are available today. We strongly believe that vapor  products present a monumental opportunity to greatly improve public health. Therefore, the FDA’s regulatory intervention is extreme and will unjustifiably cause thousands of Americans to lose their jobs while, at the same time, place millions more at risk of returning to smoking or never having the opportunity to switch to a low-risk alternative to cigarettes.” Details
  3. Ian Scott Lindsey, Individual Consumer. "If it wasn't for e-cigarette's I would still be smoking traditional cigarettes.  That's why I feel that the FDA regulation's are unfair.  E-cigarette's should not be lumped in with any other tobacco product's in these regulation's seeing as they are very different product's.  Also small business's would go under because of these regulation's, and e-cigarette's would not be where they are today without these small business's.  So I implore the FDA to re-think these regulations before they are put into effect." Details
  4. Anonymous, Individual Consumer. "Over regulation seems to be the norm these days. Present smoking laws are doing the job of protecting the public. I see no reason to add more restriction and complicated rules and regulations. Stop Nannying!" Details
  5. Anonymous, Individual Consumer. " Tobacco products (and/or any method of using tobacco and nicotine) need no further regulation from any government agency. It is the choice and the right of American citizens to use any substance as we see fit without molestation or regulation from an already over powered government. Adding more regulations, penalties, or taxes to an already over regulated product will eventually have a negative end effect on the economy, resulting (in my personal opinion) in a new black market to take hold where there wouldn't normally be one if things were left as they are. Hookah smoking is a favored method of enjoying tobacco and of relaxation for people world wide, it is a social and cultural activity. The health and safety aspects of using tobacco should be considered by the user, not forced upon him by some agency believing that they can protect people from themselves. Instead of regulation, more research and education should be used as a tool to help the user make up their mind and ultimately decide whether on not they want to take the risk. I understand the health risks of using tobacco as do many of the users of tobacco products of all descriptions, and I (we) have made the decision to use tobacco, as is our right." Details 
  6. Nick, Individual Consumer. "My name is Nick  and i have been tobacco free for 5 years now thanks to vaping and electronic cigarettes.  Limiting the availability of these products to the general public would be detrimental to public health.  Over reaching and over regulating e-cigs would cause millions of current ecig users to transition back to harmful tobacco smoking." Details